I Am Worried That I Can't Get Pregnant Because My Man Smokes Crack Cocaine Can This Drug Cause Sterilization?


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You should worry and ask yourself why would you want to get pregnant and bring an innocent child into such a dysfunctional household because it will only get worse.  More importantly, for a women who does not see a problem with wanting to get pregnant by a man using drugs, she has her own problem she needs to recognized and resolve before getting pregnant at all.
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I feel so sorry for you, also very sick to my stomach. I hope you have reconsidered and don't really want a baby with a crack head. I mean someone who is wasting all that money on drugs just to escape life all the time. Sick and sad. Please take Birth control and use condoms. If you get pregnant with a crack heads baby an abortion would be best. His DNA is all messed up and It will effect the baby. Not only will it be dependent on crack from birth also it will have major developmental issues and severe health problems. If you want a baby meet a man who is healthy and plan it.

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