Why does my period keep coming earlier and earlier? I'm starting to get a little frustrated by it. Each month is a different day. I kept track and... February-25 March- 20 April- 15 May-5 I dont know why this is happening. P.S... Im 15 years old


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Rachel Renda answered
Its no big deal.
I started when I was eleven and I'm seventeen and I still wouldnt have regular periods if I hadnt had goten on birth control.
Its nothing to worry about.
You should only worry when you have a period that lasts longer than a week or if it doesnt come at all. Or if you get more than one period a month.
And starting at the very end of the month and then carrying on into the first of the month isn't anything to be alarmed about.
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Not everyone's period comes on the same day of every month. In fact, I'm not sure if there are many whose do. Instead of relying on dates, try counting the days between them.
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Your period is not supposed to be 6 weeks apart that is why it corrected itself , you are getting periods closer and closer to the proper time apart from one another, periods should be 28-30 days apart, if you are having them too irregularly the only thing you can really do is talk to your doctor and they will probably put you on birth control like they did to me - but my problem was 2 periods in a month then no period for a month then 2 more the next month...if your periods are more then 30-35 days apart go to a doctor

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