I'm pregnant with my first baby with my boyfriend of only 4 n' a half months, I'm 14 years old, 15 in November my mum is seriously against the idea of us possibly keeping it..shuld i get an abortion or keep it (why)?


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I have referred many pregnany young Moms on here and other websites to 1-800-848-LOVE  with awesome results and theyll help you with anything you need finances, decisions, adoption, medical services so give them a call and talk to them before making any kind of decision here please and good luck
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I with my liberal leaning would say. You have to take that decision with your boyfriend, your family and with the support of other advisers. It's a big decision for you to make alone. For sure if you have the baby there needs to be love and a great support network. Both for you and the care of the infant.
But I stress it's you and all those close too you that need to be taking that decision.
I'm not sure whether people on "BLURTIT", should be giving you recommendations,(however, well meaning that advice is).  They cannot know you and or your situation or your personal life ambitions. So go into conference with those that know you best. Think of the pros and cons and make that decision with the support of family, friends, experts, boyfriend, etc. I wish you the best in whatever you decide. Good luck.
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Well keeping it is a lot of work and you may have to drop out (if you go to school if your homeschooled that's different)and I know some religions don't allow abortions so it is mostly up to you if you think you are ready then go ahead but you are only 14 so for you I would suggest getting an abortion
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Well I'm anti-abortion as it's against my beliefs and what it stands for.My suggestion would be to keep the baby and then put it up for adoption.That way the baby gets a good start in life and you can continue with yours as you're still only a teenager.
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Thank you, my mum doesn't like the fact like im pregnant ( i can understand that ) but she's making all these appointments for me to go to so i can possibly get an abortion , she doesn't ask me about these apts she just tells me the day & time & i "have" to go..
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Best of luck in whatever you decide Zina.
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You should do what u feel is right for u. Don't do something u will regret for the rest of your life because ur mother made u do it. U will end up resenting her and regretting your decision.

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