2nd day of 8th grade. On heavy period, wore super large tampon, and bled through my pants. I wear tight clothing so wearing a pad is awkard.i cant change every class. Help?


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Delainey Smith Profile
Delainey Smith answered
Okay, wear a super heavy tampon and wear a thin pad just incase it bleeds thru. I have to do that sometimes too..
joahana segundo Profile
joahana segundo answered
If the tampon stil don't work I suggest you wear the tampon and the pad (even tho itz uncomfortable) so you wont stain your clothes. Try to wear dark jeans if your school allowz jeans:-)
Melissa Trempel Profile
Melissa Trempel answered
They make super thin pads by Always. Even the overnight pads, that work the best, are thin enough to wear with tight clothes. Good luck
roaming insomniac Profile
Wear loose clothes.

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