Can I swim during my period? I'm too young to wear a tampon


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Seriously, girls. Never get into a swimming pool while you are on your period if you're not going to wear a tampon. Who wants to be swimming in your menstrual blood, because it WILL leak when you wear a pad. Unless your mom forbids you to wear a tampon, you're not too young to use one.

Once your menstrual blood hits the water, the pool will have to be evacuated and sanitized before anyone can swim in it again.

Tampons are easy to use. They even make ones for teens that are slimmer; they make ones for girls who do sports, so unless your mom tells you no, use a tampon or DON'T SWIM. I have had girls on here say their mom forbids them to use a tampon and I cannot understand why.

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Yeah. It should be ok. I'm not allowed to wear a tampon, and I have to go in the pool for camp. You won't bleed in the pool, and you will be soggy if you don't change after but it won't go through just wear a tight bathing suit so it doesnt float away in the pool.

Although, it may not be ok because I did that yesterday and thought it was fine but today I'm sick with a virus... There is a pool virus around so I think it's that but I heard what I did was "unsanitary" so probably not from that but maybe. You try it see if you get a virus too.

I should not be allowed to give people advice.

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I don't think its safe to swim when you're on your period.

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I am going swimming tomorrow and I'm scared to get my period wile I'm swimming and I don't want to put a tampon in it feels to weird

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