Can A Person Pass An ETG Urine Test Within 24-48 Hours By Consuming 40-50 Ounces Of Water, Prior To Testing?


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The quick answer is most probably not.

Drinking plenty of water will not mask the presence of ethyl glucuronide (the chemical which is searched for in an ETG test) in your urine.

Most modern ETG tests can detect alcohol consumption up to five days after it was drunk.

Passing an ETG test in 48 hours...
  • Trying to use water to "flush" your system - or masking your urine with other chemicals - will not fool modern tests. Neither will swapping a sample for a clean one, as the tests also check the temperature of the sample.
  • ETG tests are used as a method of detecting alcohol use by an individual who may be prohibited from consuming alcohol by the courts or by their employer. Other urine tests can look for alcohol consumption, but ETGs are superior.
  • Alcohol can be detected by an ETG test for up to five days, whereas a blood test can only find alcohol traces twelve hours after it was consumed.
  • Mouth swab tests may also be used, which search the individual's saliva for alcohol and will be effective up to five days after drinking.
  • Hair follicle tests are able to detect alcohol usage for three months after it was consumed. These tests are only used if a longer substance history is required.
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Diluting most of the time equals a fail. You want to drink water throughout the day and flush your system, then stop a few hours prior to your test. Go late in the day if you can.
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If you consumed illegal drugs within the past three months, it is going to show up on a drug test. If it's a professional drug test, you're screwed.

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