How Can I Pass A 72 Hour ETG Alcohol Test?


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The only definite way of making sure that you pass a 72 hour ETG alcohol test is to stay away from alcohol. That may sound harsh and not be the answer that you want to hear but an ETG is incredibly sensitive and can pick up the smallest traces, including some everyday products like mouthwash.

There are products on the market that claim that they can put you in the clear, but urine tests are designed to be able to detect the chemicals that are in these, so the likelihood would be that you would be asked to re-take the test at a later date.

Other people maintain that it is still possible to past these tests by using a number of different methods, such as drinking lots of water beforehand. The downside to this plan is that taken in excess, water can actually cause serious health problems because of the strain it is putting on your organs; and it also makes your urine a lot paler, which is an immediate giveaway.

Other people claim that they can fool the test by substituting their urine for someone else's. The trouble with this plan is that urine will decompose if not stored correctly; so many people using this plan will refrigerate it. The result: Urine that is not at the correct body temperature and so is obviously a fraudulent sample.

If you think that you could use tamper with your sample when you provide it, you may be in for a shock. You are usually directed to a bathroom that has no wash basin and the water in the toilet has been dyed, so you cannot use this either, which brings us back full circle: The only way to pass is not to drink alcohol in the first place.
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The ETG test is an extremely sensitive test. Even household items you ingest could cause the test to be positive(mouthwash or NyQuil for example) Best thing to do is stay away from alcohol for at least 3 days prior to the test. If that's not possible, drink a lot to dilute the urine sample.
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Yes alcohol only strays in your system for 2 days and if your drinking a lot of water and exercising youll be fine

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