What Can I Do To Pass An ETG 72 Hour Alcohol Test?


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The best and safest way to pass an ETG alcohol test is not to drink any alcohol for five days before the test. There is no foolproof way to "beat" an Ethy
gluronide (ETG) test within the detection window of the compound, as with all drugs testing, the time one remains positive can vary from person to person. If you have drunk within 72 hours of the test the only thing you can do is drink as much water as possible in an attempt to dilute it in your urine, cranberry juice and cranberry extract pills may also be useful. Bear in mind, if you do attempt to dilute your sample, the creatine levels may also be checked and this would potentially give away your plan. You can take creatine supplements to disguise this but again, you are taking a risk by doing this. The ETG urine test is widely used by drug testing laboratories although it has received criticism for the danger of false positives being returned as a result of ethyl glucoronide being present in daily products that contain traces of alcohol. Hair testing can recognise alcohol consumed within a three month period although again may not be entirely accurate.
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For one, don't drink and secondly, drink lots of water. It is not wise to try to pass a test if you have been drinking within aloted time

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