Im 13 and i am quite small. I havent gotten my period yet and im kinda flat chested is there a way i can grow larger breasts?


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Sarah Johnson Profile
Sarah Johnson answered
They'll eventually grow, you can always use a padded bra till then. Adding fat to your diet will just add fat to you all over, Your body isn't going to know that all fat it receives is suppose to just go to the chest, lol. In the end, if it's any conscolation, I never got much, my sister has even less, but most super models don't have large breasts either. Often girls who develop sooner end up struggling with their weight later on. It sucks right now, but someday you might be thanking your lucky stars for your slim build.
Jaclynn Van Zee Profile
Jaclynn Van Zee answered
Ew! Green tea, fat, and MILK!? No way! Trust me, all that crap is FAKE. Just wait, and when you get your period they grow, and if you still are ticked off then just get a padded bra.
Cassie Weizenhouser Profile
Drink lots of green tea, meat fat and milk :)

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