What do you do to relax after a long day?


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After a long day busy, I prefer to sit down and watch the TV , listen to the relaxing music or take a warm bath etc... Anyway I do somethings relaxing and interesting for me, it's my health, I have to take care of myself.

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It really depends what sort of day it's been!

Relaxing After Using My Brain All Day

If I've spent the day reading, writing or working - all quite mentally stimulating stuff - I'll usually do something completely different when I get home, like lie in bed and listen to music.

I'll try to rest my eyes if I've been using them all day, and find ambient lighting helps me relax. Candles and lamps rather than overhead lighting really make a difference.

Winding Down After A Physically-Exhausting Day

If I've been dashing around or on my feet all day, I'll usually be quite happy to go home and curl up with a book and a nice drink.

Carrying things around all day can put strain on your muscles, so a hot shower (or a bath, when possible) usually makes me feel more relaxed.

I might put my feet up and watch a film, or if I'm feeling antsy because I haven't used my brain as much as normal, I'll do some writing or plan what I'm going to do the next day - writing a to-do list before I go to bed always makes me feel prepared when I wake up the following morning!

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I Prefer to go to sleep.

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Watch anime and take a hot shower.
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Pass out in the first chair I sit down in at home. Did this for 20 years. Working 60 hours a week. Once in a while, we even had all the hours we wanted to work - up to 112 hours a week - when doing a government deal.

I would wake up in the same chair where I sat down to eat my dinner and find my dinner still sitting there without even a bite taken out of it and a full large cup of pop. Needless to say I was a lot skinnier than I am today. I don't miss many meals today. : )
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Wow.. That has only happened to me once on my life. Where I worked so hard and long that I literally pass out when I get home. Don't work too hard John..
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Whoa! Just reread your answer.. 112 hours a week? WOW!! No wonder...lol That's what you call working hard in my book! Dang! 112 hrs! Still can't wrap my head around that...lol
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Just enough time to go home fall asleep for 7-8 hours and go back to work. Let's just say i would go to work in the dark and come home in the dark.

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