What's a good way to relax? Anything specific you do to relax?


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Not very creative, but I usually watch some TV to unwind. When I get into a show, watching it takes my mind off work/life/problems.

Reading a good book also has the same effect.

I don't get the chance to visit anything like it living in the UK, but when I was on holiday in Korea we visited several "jjimjilbang" which are like spas where you can spend a few hours unwinding.

They have them pretty much everywhere: Shopping malls, office blocks, hotels... So whenever you're having a tough day, you can drop by and soak in a hot tub or sit under a waterfall. And they're not expensive at all. I think they should have them all over the world!

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That sounds great!
Alisa   Zhao
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I think Relaxation is a quite wide definition. after a long tome to work for one thing, you can change another one, that's a kind of way to relax.
As for me, a good way to relax is to go out by bike.
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For me, it's either lounging in the pool when it's cool or reading a good book ! I read every night at least an hour before sleeping. Really relaxing. When it gets hot, I like to swim early in the morning while it's still dark. Very relaxing !

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I have some great hiking trails near me. I love to hike early in the morning. I have two black labs (brothers), Axle and Ajax and they always accompany me.  I also love hanging out with good friends, either outdoors doing something or just hanging out cooking and enjoying some good wine and chilling... (:

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Active relaxing for me would include yoga or an easy bike ride. If I have sore muscles though I grab my headphones and All the pillows. (; to complete the picture I'd have a dog sleeping by my side.

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Take a bath, listen to music.

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The time you don't work and you do somethings that you feel interested and amused that's a relax, it's a kind of feeling that we feel well,wonderful. As: Meditation, yoga, swimming etc... Anyway do somethings that you love to do, you feel free no stress.

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For me, the best way to relax is to come home after work, turn on some quiet music, lie down on the couch and take pure kana cbd oil. This way of relaxation helps me to have a kind of protection from stress. Just 15 minutes and I'm reborn. Try CBD oil and you will understand how it works for relaxation.

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