I Am Trying To Get Off Methadone, What Detox Products Can I Use To Clean My System And Maybe Lessen The Withdrawal Symptoms And Speed Up The Process,?


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First you need to do this with a medical professional involved, like your primary care doctor or a addiction doctor.
Sometimes they will use clonidine 0.1 mg every 6 hrs -which helps with the muscle aches, cramps, sweating, diarrhea, and also helps with the insomnia.
Klonopin (clonazepam) (benzodiazepine group like valium-long acting) take 0.5 mg every 6-8 hrs no more then 3mg per day max. Could also take valium 5 mg every 4 hrs as well, but this is a different strength.
Immodium AD for diarrhea. Take 2 tabs every 4-6 hrs. It is actually related to opiate group but does not cause euphoria. You can get this at the drug store/pharmacy over the counter. Read the instructions.

They have a new drug that you can get from your doctor if he has taken a special class called: Suboxone that is buprinorphine a agonist/antagonist opiate mixed with naloxone antagonist. They give this to you after you are in withdrawal for 12-24 hrs. Then you take 2 mg a day. The naloxone orally only stops you from being able to shoot the drug. Otherwise it does not affect you when you take it orally. Injected it would reverse any opiate you have in your system and send you into full withdrawal.
Taking buprinorphine will stop your cravings and helps with pain if you are a chronic pain patient. They say it is a great drug for addiction to opiates and or chronic pain patients.

I don't know your situation: If you are taking it for pain management or taking it because of addiction. Either way I aplore you to talk with a Physician and make sure you are under a physicians care when trying to detox. There are easier ways to do this.
You can taper off the methadone slowly and not have to go through withdrawal. If you take 50 mg per day then take 10% off each week stabilize on that dose and then take another 10% off that. To make it easy, take 5 mg off each week. It may take you more then a week to stabilize and that is ok. NO more then 10-14 days though. Then take another 5 mg off. A lot of people will take 10% off each 3rd day and get off in 45 days or so max. It is a much easier process then straight detox. If you take 5 mg away every three days you can be off methadone in 30 days or soo. Then it should be out of your system within 5-7 days as far as drug testing.
Methadone gets into your fat and stays in your body awhile. That is why they only increase methadone every 3 days because it builds up on top of the day before dose.
Please be careful and get a doctor involved please.

If you are young, stay away from opiates unless you are in severe pain or chronic pain and nothing else works. It is a long road to go down and most people can't handle it.

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