Is It Ok To Take Xanax With Buprenorphine/naloxone?


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Xanax and suboxone taken together can easily kill you, same as xanax and methadone. I know these things from experience. And it doesn't stop your heart, it makes you stop breathing (severe respiratory depression). I wish people wouldn't answer questions who have no clue what they're talking about. These misinformed answers will put you in your grave. Oh, and flame away
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Not a flame, just a side note. You're correct these things are very likely to occur, when the patient is not both opioid and benzo tolerant. Not only is this in the most recent PDR, I've also known several patients that required a benzo along with Suboxone. As for non tolerant patients, your post is spot on
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It's ridiculous to say if you take xanax and suboxone you will die. That's like health class when they say if you don't wear a condom, you will get her pregnant and ruin your life. I am on 3.5mg xanax a day along with 16mg of suboxone. I am a frequent jogger. I have never felt better since getting off oxy. Sure there are the rare cases where people have had problems with xanax and suboxone. I know someone who took 20mg of xanax on suboxone and he's still alive and well. No I am not saying it's smart. However I am suggesting the previous blogs are a little over dramatic.
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Suboxone will have no effect on Xanax.. It will not block it like it blocks opiates. If you are not under a doctor's care while combining the 2, be careful.
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No, you can not take xanax with any narcotic analgesic and centrally acting drugs. Xanax is benzodiazepine that is used to treat anxiety. Buprenorphine is an narcotic analgesic. Xanax is not allowed to be used along with sleep inducers, muscle relaxant, narcotic pain killers, medicines to treat depression, seizures and anxiety. You can also discuss this with your doctor.
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I'm on Suboxone, and no your not supposed to take any benzodiazepines with it.  My doctor will, however, start writing benzo, perscriptions if you are on 8 mg of suboxone or less.  I can very well stop your heart though, if your taking too much of either.

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