I Am A Girl With Height 159 Cm And Weight 60 Kg. How Much Should I Lose?


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Hey, you shouldn't lose any weight, Instead you should maintain the current weight as it is our ideal weight according to the height and weight chart.

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You have not mentioned your age which is necessary to calculate weight if your are below 18 years of age. According to growth standards, a height of 159 cm should be achieved at the age of 14 years in girls and weight at this age and height should be 110 pounds or 50 Kg. If you are over 18 then with a height of 159 cm then your weight should be 53.07-56.70 Kg or 117-125  pounds. So, you have to reduce accordingly.
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Mate you should see the height and weight chart, she has achieved her ideal weight, so there is no need to lose any weight. If so she will become underweight ..
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I am 17 years old and I am 70 kg and my height is 160 cm what can I do yo lose my weight

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