I Have Been Feeling Nause,lightheaded,having Light Headaches,lowerback Pain,lower Abdominal Pain,pain In The Left Side Of My Abdomen And My Breast Are Tender And Swollen.I Have Been Having These Symptoms For Almost Two Weeks.could I Be Pregnant? Shou


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You could be pregnant. These are all symptoms of pregnancy. You should take a pregnancy test. If it reads negative, you should see your OB-GYN and have a bloodtest or ultrasound to know for sure if you are pregnant.
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I am not saying you are pregnant, but those are symptoms of pregnancy. For each woman and even each pregnancy, the symptoms can be different.

When a woman gets pregnant, her body starts producing a hormone to prepare her for the development of her unborn son or daughter, and prepares herself for carrying the child to term and then prepares the breasts to lactate, or provide nourishment through breast milk.

I never had back pain during my pregnancies, but both my daughters did. One daughter had constant pains in her rib cage from my grandson being so large and pushing against it all the time. Breast tenderness is a given since your milk ducts are preparing to produce milk and they increase in size by a cup or two. Abdominal pain can be your hips getting signals to move apart and your abdominal walls stretching to accommodate the child, even in the earliest stages. Like I said, every woman and every pregnancy is different.

But if you aren't pregnant, they could be symptoms of a ruptured
appendix, minus the breast pain, though if you are on your period when
experiencing a ruptured appendix the symptoms would make sense. Just know however, that pain in the abdomen is more on the right side since that is where it is located. However, if it has ruptured inside your abdominal cavity, it makes sense that the pain could be on the left side.

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