How can i increase my height and remove my stretch marks?


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Run a lot and walk. Eat healthy everyday. Excersise, and be more active like go outside and do stuff and join a sport. The more healthier and active you are, the more faster you will grow. You will also live a longer life if you keep this lifestyle up:). Also drink lots of water to keep you energized and to keep your skin moist and healthy for a nice glow for your complexion. Being like this will also prevent any acne or bad skin. And eat lots of fruits and vegetables this is apart of being healthy. And as for stretch marks use mederma stretch mark therapy and I am telling you right now that it works. My cousin has it for her stretch marks and let me Tell you there was a big difference her skin is beautiful now. She is very happy and was satisfied. Go to the website and read more success stories to believe it. There really convincing and that is the best # 1 product for stretch marks it gets rid of the red/pinkish color or whatever you got going on and the marks themselves. Trust me you will be very happy. Hope this helped/ed!:)
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I would suggest using coco butter fr the stretch marks. Pregnant women use it to prevent stretchmarks from their bellies, so it should work for you. Plus it smells like chocolate.
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HGH (human growth hormones) is a good way to increase your height very well.  I know 2-4 people who are taking this treatment and they are growing. One girl I know grew a great amount over the past months and a few boys who are 5'0 at age 14 and then almost 6'0 in a year or 2.
Good luck
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Too many side effects..Its basically steroids that the government allows.
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I need help can you name some good hgh tablets ?
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Height you can't control but you can do something about stretch marks.  Just go to and click over from web search to Shopping search..Type in Stretch mark removal creams and a whole bunch of creams will appear with prices listed next to them.  Good luck
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By using high heals shoes OR HGH can  help increase your height , heard that HGH also contains antioxidants like glutathione which can reduce stretch marks
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Wow things you really cannot controll your short because your ment to  be. Stretch marks can fade with cream but you should of been using coco butter and they could have been prevented just sayin

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