Should A 13 Year Old Be Smoking Weed?


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So he has terminal cancer with 2 weeks to live, hes a member of the hoa dopa indian tribe which has used pot for medicinal purposes for a thousand years and make a wish just got this, his only request to be free of pain in his final days, according to the religious beliefs of his tribe? WHATS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE, OF COURSE HE SHOULD BE SMOKING WEED!, and yes, hes the only 13 yr old that should be.
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No, I'm all for legalizing it but with age limits in mind. Similar to alcohol.
I would say 13 is way too young still.
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Oh my god why would you want to. I'm 15 and I've got a choice, to smoke, drink alcohol (underaged), and be a "gansta" but no. Live living with the constant thought of "oh my god I need a smoke!" is going to bad, believe me! If you're not the one thinking bout smoking good choice
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NO , smoking is harmful for your healthy.
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Id say yes if you want to, its your choice
if I had pot now I would give it to you then you choose whether to smoke it
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Does 'Someone Else' have any idea what pot does
to someone? Besides often lead to other, stronger
(more harmful) stuff?   There's a very good
reason why it's called 'pot'.  That's about where
one's life ends up, going to pot and it's usually filled with s--t.
Does your friend know that, in some states, drugs being
found in the house can cause the confiscation of that house
(even if the owner lives in another state and is renting it)
and everything else of value?  Where do you think a lot of the cars
and stuff that the police auction off once in a while come from?
That may not happen at this stage, but when things get out
of hand, it could.  'Someone Else' could not only ruin their life,
but they could cause their parents a lot of grief as well as cost
them everything they're worked for.
Granted, this is a worst-case scenario, but that's how
someone in my family started, with pot.   Between booze and
drugs, he's so screwed up, now, he'll never get straightened out.
Both became more important to him than his wife and kids.
And he didn't think it would hurt when he started, either.  
After all, it's just pot.
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NO !!!  NO !!! & NO !!! A million times NO !!! ONLY  the STUPID would smoke weed.  Smoking is uncool today even if you tried the E-Cigarette, it is STILL uncool.  You STILL will inhale the nicotine. The E-cigarette is just as bad as the real thing. No difference.
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A say, its your choice. You can ruin your life doing it.. But if you can control it then yeah. Go for it. But don't let it control you. What I do is I smoke a little before a go to bed and then listen to music.
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No a 13 year old shouldnt be smoking at all
its easily to die from and I don't think you want
to waste your life you got one chance to live your
life don't you want to make it your best not your worst
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Ok I just have to say you cannot overdose from marijuana, the compound Delta-9 Tetrahyrdocannibinol does not build up to toxic levels like other chemicals found in other drugs.
Obviously you could potentially harm yourself another way, but not through an overdose.
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Absolutely not, a 13 yr old should be concentrating on their education and keeping a clear head, they have a future ahead of them and now is the time they are molding it
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You knew that was a rhetorical question when you asked it. I know I'm being suckered in to even answer you but NO. I need no further explanations, you know the answer. If you want to be on something be on your Blurit name "Suga pop.
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And the short answer is no they should not be using drugs of any kind.
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G'day Sugapop,

Thank you for your question.

13 year olds should not be taking illegal drugs. There are serious risks associated with cannabis. It has more tar than tobacco smoke and like smoking causes carcinogens. It also increases the risk of schizophrenia and psychosis.

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Nooo not at all it makes you loose brain cells and can ruin your future and you don't want that at your shouldn't even try

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