What Happens If You Take 50 Extra Strength Tylenol Pills?


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I hope you haven't done this or are planning to do this. If taken at one time, it causes liver and kidney damage in the very least, and depending upon your physical health, can cause death. Here are some other symptoms Abdominal pain, coma, convulsions, diarrhea, anxiety, nausea and/or vomiting, diaphoresis (profuse sweating) and strangely, body aches and/or a headache. The death from overdosing on Tylenol can be quite painful, and symptoms of overdose may not show up for up to 12 hours after ingestion, at which point major damage to the organs has probably already occurred.
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I think, this is a really bad idea. The overdose can be very dangerous for your health and even life. I recommend to read the description of Tylenol before taking it. Personally I use to find out all necessary data about meds and to order them. Hope it helps!

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