What Are The Most Common Signs Of Ovulation By Which We Can Find Out Quickly When We Are Ovulating?


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Every women who wants to get pregnant is definitely looking for ways to reveal signs of when is she exactly ovulating as the day of ovulation is the day when you have the highest chances of getting pregnant.

A woman will be most fertile one day before the day of ovulation and the rate of fertility stays till maximum four days after ovulation.

There are many signs which you should know of that can help you tell when you are most fertile and when your body is ready to conceive.

There will be a drastic change in the cervical mucous or discharge that takes place and you will notice the color change too. You will also feel inflexibility and a change in the position of the cervix.You will feel an increase in the sex drive, your breasts will become tender and you might also experience being more stressed out than usual.

If you consider checking your body basal temperature with the help of a thermometer, it will reveal certain temperature rises at the time of ovulation that is if you maintain a proper chart and monitor it.Your senses (vision, smell or taste) will also hype up and you will be able to sense things before any one else.

Some women even experience cramps and twinges in their abdomen and eventually a feeling of bloating of the abdomen.
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Ovum travels in a retrograde fashion from the ovaries-->picked up by fimbriae-->along the fallopian tube--> meets spermatozoa at the ampulla and fuses.
Fertilisation occurs in the ampulla of fallopian tube.
Implantation occurs in the fundus of uterus. I recommend you Ovulation Calculator through this you get instant of knowledge about Ovulation .

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