I Am 12 Years Old And 5'3 I Weigh 125 Pounds Am I Fat?


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Does this help you at all? Well first off talk to me if you need to I know a lot about this stuff. I have bulimia and I go to counceling for this stupid weight situation But Honestly sweetie, Youre not fat at all. It all depends on youre bonse structure if youre Big, Medium or small frame. I'm Twelve years old 5'5 and 129.0lbs. I have a large frame. I'm not fat.. But I think I am. But it's all in my head. I think it's all in youre head to. It may look like nothing right now but you could be slowly developing an eating disorder..
Belive in me, and yourself.
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There is no "average" height for someone of any age to be as we're all different and unique. Let me explain why, in short if we where to take the average height of a MALE, ( you forgot to include your gender by the way), in England is 6ft for an adult it may differ in india and be only 5ft 6inches, (all examples none are studies/reseraches), so asking what is the average height is an invalid question to ask as there is no straight answers. Here are BMI Calculator through which you calculate  bmi for men,women also all the body mass index calculations.

However, weight, no there is a graph for that. If you feel that you may be overweight for your age/height then i will provide you with a BMI, (Body mass index), calculator. You use this to calculate what area you are in for example, Under weight/Over weight.

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Well as said for me, I'm 5'5 13 and 107 pounds but then again it DOES depend on your bone structure....don't worry you are Not fat at all!!! Keep eating healthy stuff and doing lots a exercise and don't worry about going on a diet or anything because you still need to grow. I wanted to go on a diet because I thought I was fat but then I realized that I have like 3-4 more years to grow and if I stop eating I'm stuck at 5'5 :(
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No, you are not fat.
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Most people your age and height are 112- 120
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I put u in bmi calculator u are overweight because your bmi is 22.1 and your progectile is 91 my projectile is 95 I am very overweight

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