Can I Take Anything That Will Make My Depo Shot Stop Working So I Can Get Pregnant?


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Google this herbal medication called ovulex there is also a sister product called fertile aid.  This will help if either of you have a problem.  It guarantees pregnancy.  I was told I could no longer have any more kids due to my endometriosis and took it and got pregnant right away the same month and I had 2 doctors tell me I could not get pregnant.  9 months later I had my little girl.  Its safe and helps with any problems you may have.  You don't even need to go see the doctor.  I would try this.  No side effects it is all herbal and safe.  If you go to the doctor they will probably prescribe clomid and you can have multiples with that and it has bad side effects I have tried that and it didn't work.  I ended up having a tubal pregnancy nearly losing my tube and lost the baby, and had massive cysts and bad side effects.  Follow your heart and get your doctors advice but I would try this.  Good luck.
It can take up to a year and a half to get pregnant after the depo shot but try this.  I have gotten pregnant in the past on the depo shot and also 2 months after the shot wore off in the past.  Good luck, don't give up.  Take care.
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I am on the depo and I have been trying to get preganant. I bought the fertile aide pills and I have been taking them for 3 weeks now. I am hoping that I will get pregnant soon!

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