What's A Good Diet, Easy And Not Expensive?


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I have lost 10 lbs. I just cut back on portions and sugar intake, I switched from butter to margarine. I started using mustard instead of mayo in my tuna, whole grain in crackers & bread, lots of fresh veggies for snacks, and fresh fruit, I drank 5 glasses of water per day , I walked every morning 1 mile, it was very easy. I didn't even miss the fat. I also switched from whole milk to soy milk, it was the best thing I could have done. good luck.
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I'm nearing my 45th birthday, and people ask me all the time how I stay slim without any exercise program or special diet plan.  It's really very easy, and you have heard it before many times, I'm sure.  It's a lifestyle change...whatever you do to lose the weight, you have to be willing to continue for life...that's how the weight stays off and it's no longer a diet...it's just a way of life.  Btw, I eat whatever I want.  It's all about portion control.  And the whole thing is very simple:  I call it the three W's.  Water, Walking, Waste.

Water...drink as much as you like.  Make it your primary beverage.  It's filling, refreshing and has zero calories.  I still enjoy other beverages, have coffee every morning and iced tea (with sugar) throughout the day when I need a change.  I even enjoy an occasional soda (again, with sugar).  Artificial sweeteners are not healthy; in fact, recent studies have shown they are downright dangerous to your health.

Walking...try to walk everywhere you possibly can instead of driving or taking public transportation.  If possible, walk to and from work, or at least one way, to or from.  I walk somewhere once a day, nearly every day.  It's the only form of "exercise" I engage in, other than housework, yard work and sex.  

Waste...the best way not to waste food is not to "clean your plate", but to put less on it to start.  I eat whatever I desire, just smaller portions.  My great-grandmother lived to be 93, was never ill, never hospitalized, never even had a headache.  Her motto:  "Everything in moderation."  I make sure to eat a balance of fruits, vegetables, grains, etc., but I also enjoy dessert.  Often times fruit is dessert.  Use your imagination and moderation and that ten pounds will be gone in no time!
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Completely agree, and love your take on artificial sweeteners. I actually wrote a whole diatribe against them:

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I would say if you want to lose weight, you have to routine yourself to controlled portions of food.... whatever you would like to eat... CONTROL is important. DON'T Over-Eat... your body is a well balanced machine, and putting to much fuel into it causes fluxuations in your metabolism.....If you have a job or lifestyle that is very active, then you can increase your intake or if you have a job or lifestyle that is classified as low-active. Then reduce the amount you intake.... ANY DIET- No matter what the diet is..... it takes determination of will to complete it. Any one can give up- and cheat and say- tomorrow i'll do it for sure... You, yourself know the best way to lose weight for you. You know your true self,how active you are... like a recipe the body is...ingredients you put into yourself will define the amount of exercise you will need... BE HONEST TO YOURSELF...
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A good diet is not so much as how much you eat but how well you deal with eating that amount. If your body is used to eating just a little bit and you go out to a buffet and end up eating more than double of what you're used to, you will gain weight. On the other hand if you eat a meal that your body is used to then your body won't have any problem keeping the weight off. Don't just start eating less and exercising more, start measuring the amount of food you take in and stick with that amount. If you keep alternating the amounts you eat, you will end up gaining weight or making yourself sick.
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The first answer by msgold1055 is a fact of loosing the weight and keeping it off. I ahve done what this person, except for soy milk.

I personally haven't tried it, but I went to 1%

Good luck. I still need to loose 8 lbs. but now I have sprained my ankle. so it makes it hard, because I need to walk
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Hi a good diet is a simple diet without any complicative system to do it specially. a diet should eat the vegetables no oil meats and chicken which has not a lot of oil normally this meat can be used as diet, and fruit as well. it 's been a long time that I keep my weight steady in a certain way as I don't eat a lot of meat but with vegetable and fruit every day. it's not so difficult to diet if you really want to be. the main is your mind deciding.
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Try the south beach diet.
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The easiest diet is going to be one which includes foods which you enjoy, as that will be easier for you to adhere to.

So you're going to need to find foods you enjoy which are also cheap.

One thing I'll tell you, dieting down is easier when you stick to foods like vegetables, lean meats and fruits as they tend to be low in calories and quite filling for their calorie content.

If you go with too many processed foods, you will have a tougher time as most are quite calorie dense and not filling...although there are exceptions.

One exception I'd say is soup.  Soup can be quite filling and a can of it can be 220 - 300 calories.  It can be pretty cheap too.

Salads are also a good idea, buy your own lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and onions and you can make your own salads which will be pretty cheap...

Other cheap sources of food for your diet would be cans of tuna for protein, as well as eggs.

Apples for snacks (they're quite filling) and relatively cheap...

And oatmeal/brown/rice/beans for your carb sources, these relatively cheap as well.

Put those together...a good ratio is 40% protein, 30% carbs, 30% fat if you workout...if not, you could go 33%, 33%, 33%....but bottom line:

Eat no less than 1,200 calories/day as a woman and 1,500/day as a man.

This diet/exercise routine has worked well for me.

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I love Somersizing because I actually don't get hungry between meals, and when I do eat, it is not as much as before because Somersizing teaches you to combine different foods so your body gets the right nutrients, meaning that you have to eat less to satisfy it.

If you are interested in, you can visit the Somersizing group HERE
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I made sure I ate breakfast. I switched from white bread to whole grain bread. I took stairs instead of using elevator and of course, no soda. By following this, I lost about 15 lbs in 6 weeks.
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Lose water weight go some where and sweat a sonna or some thing, do non standing work outs like crunches or 6 inches and try a low carb die also.
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If it tastes sweet, spit it out, eat 3 meals a day, 4 to 5 hours between, and no snacking. Meals should be 50% healthy fat, 20% low glycemic carbs and 30% protein.
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For 1 month give up soft drinks, Coke, Pepsin ect, be them diet or not. Eat your last meal of the day BEFORE 7PM. Try and drink 3-4 12oz bottles of water per day or 4-5 glasses of water a day. If possible also stay away from fried foods, get grilled instead and if you are not a gym freak walk. Eat a good healthy breakfast, a light lunch, no junk and again that last meal before 7PM. What's your favourite fruit and vegetable, go nuts with them. I like banana's and green beans. Also watch the amount of bread you intake.

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