What Is An Easy And Cheap Solution To Weight Loss?


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There are some tips to burn and lower your calories and fat

• First of all set your goals that how much you have to reduce and in how many months (it is a slow process but effects are great).
• Drink less soft drink
• Eat few calories and burn more
• Walk is good for health as well one can loss weight by doing brisk walk it's the cheapest and easiest way to lose weight.
• Eat healthy food. Avoid junk food.
• Try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
• Grill, steam or bake chicken, fish or meat.
• Omit dairy products from your life for few months and you will see the results,
• Eat less by 5 times a day.
• Use olive oil if you can't omit it.
• Remove chicken skin before cooking.
• Use a non-stick pan and try to decrease the use of oil.
• Do take skim milk before going to bed because your bones need calcium.
• Try to avoid fried foods, such as French fries and fried chicken and so on.
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The easiest and cheapest way is to walk. One can walk for about 40 minutes after having one's meal. Avoid drinking water for about 40 minutes when you take your meal. Also avoid high calorie foods and soft drinks in particular, which are nothing but a way to fatten up.
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Walking is the easiest and cheapest way for weight loss
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Lol the cheapest way is HCG Diet, why? Cause it makes you eat less meaning you spend less. hcg drops can last up to 1 months for less than $70.00 with a 500 calorie diet you will be spending much much less for not buying foods and junkies that is unhealthy.
HCG is a strict diet that needs commitment so eating more is a big no
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Actually there are zero cost solutions!

In order to lose weight, the consumption of calories should be smaller than our daily needs in order for the body to start burning the stored energy!

To do this you have to boost your metabolism.. There are many options here:

- follow strength work outs 3 times/week
- drink 2-3 litres of water per day
- eat much protein (tuna/eggs/yoghurt/milk/almonds etc)
- get 6 small meals/day

These tips will definitely help!
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