Can A Woman Wear A Condom?


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Yes they are called female condoms
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Lyndsey Wheeler answered
Yep its called a femidom i think thats how its spelled lol
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A condom is worn OVER the penis. A woman doesnt have a penis to put the condom on. And if she inserted it into her vagina, there's nothing that would hold it open and to guarantee that the penis would go IN the condom... So the answer would be NO.
And there's NOTHING inappropriate about this answer Blurtit... Or would you rather I used wee-wee and "ummm..that place" instead. I used the proper terms and they were appropriate for the question asked.
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There are male condoms and female condoms. Male condoms are far more common, and they are more effective too. Male condoms and female condoms should not be used at the same time though, just pick one or the other and read the directions on the box.
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Not a condom but a diaphragm yes it is inserted in the vagina just like a condom but opposite way
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Yes, the female condom is larger (and kind of intimidating to men because they want to assume they are to fill it, it is about 8" long and 4-5 inches wide when unrolled!!) but it is designed to fit into the vagina and the larger ring at the top fits above the vagina like a diaphragm to keep it in place,  I was part of the design of them, they were originally to make a dental dam for lesbian sex, to cover the vulva for oral sex and then developed for heterosexual use, where I came in with my then husband,  You have to be careful that the outer ring stays outside and that the penis is inserted into the condom and does not get between the wall of the vagina and the condom, and you need a lubricant that will not harm the polyurethane.  But they are great, and good for women allergic to latex, which I was and am. Reality, Femidom, Dominique, Femy, Myfemy,
Protectiv are some of the names.

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