Can I Lose Weight And Shape Up By Jumping Rope?

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I walk, but never alone, and I don't walk at a slow pace, and just short of power walking. This is recently said by doctors to be the best method to lose weight, as there is less impact on joints, and is very effective if done at least 4 days a week. Don't give up, keep at it honey.
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Jumping rope can burn a lot of calories each hour, up to 700-800 calories/hour depending on what intensity you're jumping at.

if you can jump at a high intensity for 30-60 min, then go for it! I personally just use an elliptical and burn about 600 calories.

Keep in mind that jumping rope in and of itself is not going to get you into shape, you need to make sure your diet is in check.

If you're eating too much, no amount of cardio is going to get you into shape.

Find out what your maintenance caloric intake is (bodyweight in lbs x 15) then eat at lest 500 calories below that to lose 1 pound/week.

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We go for a walk after dinner. Work some of it off. Just jumping rope might get boring after a while. Make up a routine for yourself. Have him watch.
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I agree with both answers from you two. Walking would be a good idea. Surprisingly, I've never thought of that. You said, "have him watch"...? You think I should have my boyfriend watch me jump rope?
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Didn't he want to see you strip?

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