Can U Help Me Find A Medicine That Can Abort Pregnancy. I Am A Month Pregnant. I Dont Want To Be Pregnant. Please Help. Thanks!?


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If you didn't want to be pregnant, you should have thought of that before you spread you legs.
You could have at least used protection.
No. If I had the answer, I don't believe abortion is right.
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Can you help me find a medicine that can abort pregnancy.I am five month pregnant. I don't want to be pregnant. Please help.thanks!?
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A month? I'm not sure. Try eating pineapple. Smallest pineapple. It helps. If ure lucky.
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Being that you are a month along you will have to have an abortion, there is no pill. If you had taken the morning after pill then you wouldn't be pregnant. Have you really thought this through. There are so many childless people out there that want a baby so bad.
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Thats really sad. I have a friend thats been tring for over 10 years and then there are girls like you that can get pregnant and don't think twice about it. Oh well got pregnant lets just kill it. Know BIG deal right!

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