Is The Chlamydia And The Abortion Keeping Me From Getting Pregnant Again?


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I had chlamydia about 2years ago or so,  though I did treat it when I found out, I may of had it like 3 to 4 months until I found out, if that. I'm now noticing that I'm ovulating right after my period. My question is even if I had chlamydia at one point does your ovulation cycle stay normal? And is it ok  to get pregnant?
I mean ive read a lot of peoples different point of view and experiences, but I'm just curious and would like a good answer to my concerns. May I add that my period is normal and I havent been sexually active in about a year now and I'm time I guess!  And I thought I had a cyst and a doctor did a sonogram and said my insides are like a baby. Can a sonogram even tell if your tubes are not blocked?

I honestly hope someone can answer me questions
Thank you for your time!
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I would first go see your doctor.  If you both got rid of the chlamydia and are healthy and have no other infections than it should be safe to get pregnant.  Depending on how long you had the chlamydia for before treating it could lead to problems getting pregnant but you should be alright same thing after having an abortion.  Just make sure you are both sure you are ready for a baby and go see the doctor and get checked out.  Then go ahead and try.  If you are trying to get pregnant and have not got pregnant yet, this shouldn't be why.  You only ovulate for 24 hours a month.  It is hard some times to hit the certain time of ovulation.  You can check your daily temperature and when it is slightly up then you are most likely ovulating.  Then it will go down the next day.  You usually ovulate 7-14 days after the first day of your period.  I suggest keep trying and if it don't happen then go see the doctor and he/she can help.  There are other things you can try.  You can also buy an ovulation test.  Make sure you are having intercourse every day as possible will help.  Does not lower your sperm count like some say.  Don't wear tight undies or clothes either of you can help to that will lower sperm count.  Good luck.

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