If you have done sex regularly (with precaution) and you took a pregnancy test and the result is negative but your period is not coming from 45 days, then what would you do?


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honestly this would seem pretty daunting to me , but usually it seems like something wrong just after you have sex and your period magically comes late ? ( coincidence? ) to me I would kinda be a bit paranoid but also take a few more tests to be sure , if they are all negative im pretty im not pregnant , it is normal by the way if your period does go irregular ( definitely when you take morning after pill ) but if you haven't and its still irregular don't panick its really normal and sometimes periods go bizzare at times and weird , for me within the first year of my period I didn't have it sometimes at 3 months a time and whatever age you are irregular periods are quite normal , doesn't matter what body type , religion culture it doesn't matter , all girls usually have different period cycles , but  if you are still unsure go talk to your gp , honestly its nothing to be embarrassed about find a doctor you trust and talk to her/him about it preferably 'her' but don't worry its probably nothing wrong .

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