If You Had Already Taken Suboxone Under The Tongue Can You Counteract The Drug By Injecting It In Your Bloodstream?


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First, you should never inject Suboxone because of the Naloxone in it you could die. They put this drug in Suboxone so people will not shoot it. Second, if you inject heroin or any opiates after taking Suboxone, you could put yourself into severe withdrawals, or would just be wasting your time because you will not get high. Suboxone is an opiate blocker, so you will not be able to counteract it..
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Adding more of any drug by direct injection as you've just stated will have the opposite effect, it will increase not decrease what is going on.
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Tiffany answered
You will just feel it a bit more. It's not going to stop the affect of the drug. Trust may become drowsy for a bit.
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Chris Tackett answered
Inject suboxone??? Really? What the heck has this world come to? I just left a post where these idiots in russia were injecting a SSRI. It ate the skin off of the injection site. If you're going to inject anything be smart about it... Or as smart as you can be.

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