What Does Cocaine Do To Your Body (why Is It Dangerous)?


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It makes you high and you can be suicidal
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It does many things such as increased temperature, heart rate, blood pressure,
insomnia, loss of appetite, feelings of restlessness, irritability, and
anxiety.Some experience paranoia
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It makes you so dependent on it that you can not function without it. Some people would rather die than live with no cocaine. I once knew a girl that had a coke problem then she met a guy and fell in love and he made her stop. She fell so in love with him and became so fixated on his love that without him she only had drugs and everytime he tried to break up with her she would try to overdose. Cocaine makes you think unclear. You don't make rational decisions. She tried to Stan another girl she saw him with one day and the whole situation was horrible till her parents moved her away. You couldn't tell by looking at her or talking to her that she had any kind of problem. She made good grades in school, came from a rich family, drove a nice car, and wore nice clothes, just had a drug problem!

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