Can I Pass An ETG Alcohol Test If I Drank 3 Shots 40 Hours Ago? Male 250LB


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There is a chance that you will not pass your ETG alcohol test 40 hours after having 3 shots. Unlike regular urine tests, which can only usually detect the presence of alcohol up to 48 hours after it is consumed, Etg tests can detect the presence of ethanol alcohol up to 80 hours after the alcohol has been metabolized by the body.

How does an ETG test detect alcohol?

The Etg alcohol test isn't able to detect the quantities of alcohol that you have drank, only that ethyl glucuronide (ethanol in it's metabolized form) is present in the bloodstream.

Your body weight of 250 lbs may enable you to metabolize the alcohol at a slighter faster rate than a person who weighs say 160 lbs, but it's best not to rely on this as there is no guarantee!

Alcohol passes through the bloodstream using the water in your blood. The higher the water level in your bloodstream, the faster the alcohol is diluted. Smaller people have less water in the bloodstream, so the alcohol is less diluted.

As the concentration of alcohol in shots such as tequila is a lot higher than, say, a beer, there is a greater chance of this showing up in your Etg urine test.

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