How Do I Make My 28aa-30aa Breasts Look Bigger?


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Yeah I'm in year 10 and I'm 28aa and its really embarassing too, I used to love swimming but since year 8 I have got really shy and hate going. I cover myself up I feel that concious and its horrible. Your not the only one don't worry :/ ive tried everything, nothing works :(! I can't find any swimming costumes that fits the front to the back :/ it just DOESNT work :/! Bikinis are best because full costumes make you look flatter, so I buy a really tight bikini top, and it takes off that horrible pointed shape! I hope this helps x
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Hi Sally, This isn't what you want to hear, but it's the truth. Only time (or implants when you're 18+) will give you bigger boobs. There are lots of creams and tablets on the market but from what I've read most of them are scams - the only thing they do is encourage you to massage your breasts two or three times a day which makes them firmer, but not actually larger. Either way, breast massage is good for you - it helps lymph drainage - so it's a good thing to practice.

As for your problem, you could try wearing a padded bra or padded swimsuit. I think you'll probably be surprised how many of your theoretically better endowed friends secretly resort to this method.

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