What Causes Foul Fishy Vaginal Smell?


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Wow, this is what happens when you ask the non professionals. A fishy odor is usually indicative of gardnerella (so much so that a professional would add a drop of potassium to your vaginal smear and see if it smelled fishy as a diagnosis). This has nothing to do with cleaning yourself or not, peeing before or after intercourse, or any of the other old wives tales. It's just there (like yeast) and sometimes due to stress, diet, or your sexual partner grows a little out of hand. Go to your gyn, planned parenthood, or school clinic and they will treat you. The odor is probably especially bad after sex because the additional 'secretions' feed it. Gross, but normal.

Please, care about yourself enough to develop a relationship with a womens healthcare provider. If insurance is a consideration, many clinics work on a sliding scale. It's better to ask a heath professional these kinds of questions than faceless strangers on a the internet.
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Sounds like a bacterial infection.  See your GYN doctor.  This is a common condition, and often goes unrecognized and under-treated. However you can develop other problems if it is not treated, so go check it out!
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If it smells fishy then you have an infection. Speak to your doctor.
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First, it has NOTHING TO DO with how often you wash, despite all the comments here.  The guest who said, "Wow, this is what happens when you ask the non professionals" is absolutely right.

Anyway, this question has been asked on BlurtIt many times before and you can see a detailed answer from me with many links here:  q777305.html
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This is by far the best response I've read to this question! I've always known it wasn't cause by poor hygiene but couldn't find a sensible answer. THANK YOU.
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My vagina smells like fish I used a douche with vinegar and water but it still smells horrible what should I do about this?
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You are not keeping yourself clean because it should have a very faint to no smell and not be offensive to no one and if you have a odor you need to get with a OB- GYN for instructions or medication for the odor it could be a gland problem....the best to you
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Virginal odor can be due several reasons.
One would be poor hygiene, second, infection, either bacterial or viral, third would be some malignancies resulting in chronic bleeding. If you are sexually active woman, you might avoid permitting semen ejaculated inside you, this may also be a contributing factor, if not avoided, use feminine wash regularly or right after sex. No offence...sorry
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The most likely reason is a yeast infection. It has nothing to do with your cleaning yourself. As a matter of fact, if you take too many baths and let water penetrate, this can worsen your condition.  I used to be very self concious and would bathe everynight. Turns out, this is what was causing the smell, best to crouch in tub and wash yourself without allowing water to penetrate as this messes with you ph.  This has nothing to do with hygene habits
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This is usually a sign of a yeast infection or another type of infection, either way, you may need to see a gynecologist, this is not a normal scent. Of course it can also be caused from not cleaning yourself after a menstrual cycle

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