Do slimming tea's really work and are there drugs or easier ways to lose weight?


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There is no magic pill to weight loss. Green teas and B vitamins are healthy things to have in your diet, but plain old exercise and everything in moderation works best. If you are having difficulty with weight loss, see your doctor, as you may have a hormonal imbalance or something else that's hindering your efforts.

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No... Simply they do not work.  Besides it depends on your body build. The intake quantity as per your body built & your age. This matters a lot for any pills or any medicine. So I suggest you visit you doctor, because proper consultation is needed.

Sometimes such slimming Teas shows side effects & can cause you gains weight. So please visit your doctor first then have the medicine/tea you are looking for.

If you are looking to loose weight, better take Green Tea. It reduces the extra body fats. & help to keep healthy. To lose weight there is shortcut available. What you need to do is exercise & control your eating or have a proper Diet Plan. Definitely this will help you.

Hope all works best.
All the best.

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There are many type of green tea you can find in the market but  I've been drinking tava tea for the last 2 months and it really works for me. I already lost  10kg in 2 months.

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