When you just get off of the birth control, is it normal to have your period start like its the ending of one? But the next day to have extreme heavy flow?


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It can be normal for some women/girls when they get off the pill. It takes a while to regulate your cycle again,  however if you start to feel weak and light headed from blood loss please contact your Doctor. You may become anemic from it.

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I took plan b a day before my period then 3 days later i started to bleed light now its been 5 days still bleeding on this 5th day and it's heavy is this spotting or period? how long will it last
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Plan b is a very low dose form of contraceptive. Taking it will cause changes to your cycle including heavier or lighter flow. As to how long it will last every girl is different. If you do notice the symptoms I stated above you need to see you Doctor.

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