Is It Possible To Ovulate 1 Day After Having Sex On The Last Day Of Your Period?


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Yes you can get pregnant specially after, during or at the end of your period.
My girlfriend got pregnant that way, they were not ready for a child but they handled it pretty good for both of them working and trying to make a house living.
I'm on the pill and I still have issues with that.  I very careful mom2.
If my husband is wanting sex and I have issues with the time and unprotected sex I usually have oral sex. It great orgasm specially when he build it up, play with my body.
When I crave for sex I usually don't ware clothing and meet him at the door then he knows I;m looking for all nighter. 
I hope things go well for you, my body play all kind of games on me after my period.  
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Having asked these similar questions to this my self and hearing many different answers. And may be a completely different answer to what you are looking for....

You are the most fertile during your periods, many people I have known have thought this 2 b a safe time 2 have unprotected sex with it is NOT!! My reason being the the utirs lineing is cleaning it self out  and you  are your most fertile at this time especially a few days b.4 during and after your periods... I have talked to my natropath about these things and have many debates with friends... And I is still common  knowledge that you cannot get pregnant when you have your periods and this is wrong!!!  =)

hope that helps and sorry if not
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I do not know where these women are getting there information, is it possible to get pregnant during your period? Maybe but very unlikely. Your fertile period is usually about 2-3 days before ovulation and on the day of ovulation. Considering most women ovulate 14-16 days before they have there period it would be very unusual for them to be fertile during there period. Notice I use the word unusual and not impossible. If you take into account all womens bodies are different there are chances for the unusual to happen. I really would not be to concerned about getting pregnant while you are on your period or a few days after. Also I don't know where you women went to school but your grammer could definately use some improvement
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While bleeding it is impossible to become pregnant!

Ovulation time between periods can vary, but sperm only survive for around three to seven days in the womb.
It is necessary to have live sperm in the womb at the time of ovulation for impregnanation to occur!

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