State five ways in which one should ensure physical fitness?


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Here are five simple ways to ensure you remain in peak physical condition:

  1. Go for a run every other morning.
  2. Eat healthily. You may also want to keep a count of your calorie intake, and attempt to burn at least that much each day.
  3. Go to the gym.
  4. Keep some dumbbells around the house for some light weight training every now and then.
  5. Do sit ups and push ups early in the morning and right before bed. It'll kick start your metabolism in the morning, and burn any extra calories before you go into "shutdown mode" overnight.

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First make a health plan. Health plan means related to your diet plan , Exercise Plan or Many more things and then follow those things very truly.

I m sharing with you few things you can include in your diet plan.

1. Get Up Early in the morning

2. Take Proper Exercise

3. Don't Eat Oily or Heavy Diet Like (Pizza, Burger Etc.)

4. Drink Juice, Tea or some healthy Drink Regular.

So these types of things definetly improve your health and make you beautyfull or healthy

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