Importance of physical fitness?


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Frederick Fisk answered

I will speak in cliches, sorry about that.

Your body is your temple.

Healthy body, healthy mind.


Basically, it's important. Of course, you might decide to not be exactly fit, but keeping it healthy is imperative.

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Shaun Samonini , Important to Survive, answered

Physical fitness makes you capable to do any thing or any work in life.

Physical fitness also makes you mentally fit.     

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Neeca Quer answered

When you're physically fit you will be more contented with your outer appearance.. Tendency is you will strive hard to other things that matters to you like studies, improving your skills/talents , etc. In short, you will enjoy your life more.

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Ignacio Sports , ignaciosports, answered

Physical fitness is important for every person.Eat balanced diet and do regular exercise to remain fit.

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Jason Levy answered

  Physical Fitness is very important for our good health,if  people who  are both, physically as well as mentally fit are safe from medical problems .Fitness, along with proper nutrition, is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Jennifer Rogers , Physical Fitness, answered
Physical fitness affects in all things, like in mental fitness too. So its better to have proper physical fitness with all proper diet and workout.

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