I Have The IUT Coil Fitted, Can I Use A Tampon If I Want To Go Swimming?


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I have not heard about IUT. It might be IUD.  IUD means intrauterine device. It can be hormonal or non hormonal (Copper T). You have not mentioned Twhich IUD you are using. Here are no contraindications of all IUDs to have a bath or to go for a swim. You can go for swimming daily. If you feel spotting or periods, then no need for swimming.
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With an IUD with a string just be careful on removing the tampon but yes you can use a tampon when an IUD is in your uterus. If you have one of the IUDs without a string then nothing to worry about. As to swimming with spotting or a period I used to advise female swimmers that it was perfectly safe just put in a fresh tampon before going into the water and replacing it when done swimming

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