If I eat less but unhealthily will that negatively impact weight loss compared to eating healthier?


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With no doubt. However there are details to it.

1.Eating unhealthy would impact your weight loss and health balances whether little or too much.

2.Eating healthy always is a suit choice.

3.Healthy and Unhealthy nutrition departs in two lines. 1.General junk foods, processed foods,  equal usage of lipids and oils. 2.The status goes according to your personal stats. Your personal mechanism, digestive system, blood type and what's good and bad for your body individually.

4.If you're on a particular weigh loss-weigh balance for a particular purpose. Skipping your diet's routine and disturbing it is a very unwise choice. But if you doing it normally just to feel happier, getting unhealthy food once in a while here and there won't kill anyone.

5.However, you make sure that you understand the right concept of this title. It might not even be necessary for you to lose weight. Although eating healthy should be on your priority for a healthy life generally.

6.Diet and workout works together. If you don't do workout, your body's impressions on the diet will be slower. Unless you be on a particular type of diet. Also, if you don't do workouts and eat healthy, at least you'll be equal. If you don't do workouts and eat the little unhealthy, you'll end up like this picture.

Example: I remember a woman, where she went to lose weight and she was unhappy about her progression, as she was getting worst. She went to doctor the other day and she was like: I barely get anything but soft drinks here and there! The doctor shocked and explain why she made no progression. The formula is she got a little unhealthy food with none workout! And she was thinking by eating very little unhealthy she's gonna be as she wish so. But that ain't gonna happen.

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Of course it will. It will not only have a negative impact on weight loss but also on over all health.

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