if i dont eat for 11 days, will i lose weight?


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If you don't eat for 11 days, which is highly unlikely you'd probably die. If you want loose weight either work out or fast. Fasting was a good way for me to loose weight. Even though it was hard.

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Simply put .. Yes .. You will lose weight .. Which for the record would involve water and muscle mass in terms of the weight you lose (not just fat)  .. Two things your body depends on. More importantly depriving your brain of essential nutrients causes organ damage.  Your 'filtering' organs, not to mention your brain, will sustain damage from being deprived.

Keep in mind, YOU are responsible to care for your health ... No one else ... Refusing to eat for any length of time is just plain irresponsible.

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YOU HAVE TO EAT!!!!!  Fasting like that will make you really sick really quickly!  There are better ways to lose weight than fasting.  You have to talk to your doctor about your weight, if it is a problem, and you have to talk to a counsellor if you're thinking like that! It's not healthy to think like that!

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um, that is like the stupidest question ever. If you want to loss wait don't fast. What you should really do is change your diet and do exercise. Exercise is good and all but if you really want to lose wait you should also try changing your diet. Exercise is manly there because once you try losing wait that is how you can help stay at the weight you want. Also if you are looking for a diet watch this series it is awesome:


that is what the show is about if you like that watch the serios on SBS on Demand

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yeah those sudden fixes are usual: ineffective, unsafe, and temporary.
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It is not good way to lose weight, that may be influence you health. I suggest you do more exercise regular and pay attention to your diet. 
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A fast for 11 days, might lose you 10-15 pounds over the week (not counting any water lose/gain).  Exercise will lose you a lot more if it is intense.  Exercise will also sculpt your body.  You will get tight middle, strong legs, curves in all the right places.

Annie, I see your picture on your profile.  You are lovely.  You are not fat.  I wish had I looked as good as you at your age.  If a girl is telling you, you are fat, she is probably jealous of your appearance and this is how she is trying to make herself feel better about herself.  If it is someone else, they are trying to break down your self confidence such that they can control you. 

Remember for females a minimum percentage of body fat is required even for menstruation.  Also remember the breasts depending on size are about 10 to 50% fat tissue.  Do you wish to lose a cup size or two??  Where will the comments from those that are attacking you now go when you suddenly have smaller and less firm (sagging) breasts.

If the profile picture is not really a picture of you or it is an old picture of you and you are now much heavier, I really would recommend eating a much closer to vegetarian diet.  A lot more vegetables (lots of types and lots of colors) and real fruit, stopping sodas or juices, limiting the fat (95% lean hamburger has 1/4 the calories of 73% for the same portion size), limiting or eliminating chips and similar fried snacks, and some LIGHT exercise just to ramp up the metabolism.  Of course the more intense the exercise the more the metabolism is ramped up and the longer it will last, like a 30 minute walk at 3-4 mph for most people will still have the metabolism in medium to high gear for 30 or more hours. 

I have tried to tell you in other questions that the only people whose opinions matter are those who see your inner self, those that know and accept your flaws and to be honest love you for them. 

Do not live for the world.  Live for you and those you love and for those that accept you for who you really are.  I am not going to say they are the only ones that matter because everyone matters even the jerks and those that hate you.  Do not let those that only want to control you through belittling you so they feel better or so they get something from you or so they can improve their standing by having a hot girl as their date/girlfriend.  You are important.  YOU, not your looks.  Be kind and the type people that you will treasure all your life will take notice.  They may not be the smartest, strongest, or of the best social standing but they will be the ones that will stand by you, care if you are happy, listen when you have problems, care for you if you are sick, and just love you as purely as a mother loves her newborn child. 

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Maybe in the afterlife -- -lol

Those sudden fixes are usual: ineffective, unsafe, and temporary. Unless you are talking about plastic surgery! honestly not 100% sure on it all but that is what I think.

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In the aftermath of what I'm sure was food poisoning in my late 20's, I was unable to ingest food for 11 days.  I drank much water, but on the final day, the only food that no longer repulsed me was applesauce.  I had lost 10 pounds of my 190.

My eating returned to normal after about another week.

I subsequently found out from my doctor that not eating for that time period did not harm my body, but that was because of my age and general good health.  But it's not a good idea in general to lose weight that way.

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Your body may well sense it is starving and will therefore slow down and hold onto it's fat stores, rather than when it is fed regular fuel and so therefore can burn it off.

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