How do i losse a lot of weight?


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Diet and Exercise.

There is no "magic cure" for being overweight.

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You get a rough idea of how many calories (based on Height, Weight and age) your body needs to stay right where it's at right now.

Then you significantly reduce the amount of calories you take in.

You can do this by simply changing your diet, but that will take some time and diet alone often reverts the weight back quicker should you stop. 

You can increase the amount of calories your body needs by exercising. Exercising alone adds additional fat burning opportunities.  If build enough lean dense muscle, your calorie burning metabolism goes on even AFTER you've stopped exercising.

Use this to help guide you -

Then create a Calorie deficit for yourself. Remember, you didn't gain it overnight, so you will not lose it over night . . . It is a process.

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Eat a tapeworm with your spam.

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It is not possible to suddenly to loose lot of weight but ayurveda has some herbal remedies for weight  loss .This will help to loose weight.

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