Um, how do I loss weight? I'm almost weighing 200 pounds, at it's too much. How much exercise do you do in a week? I need inspiration


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South Beach Diet works wonders and you even get snacks.  It's not necessarily eating less it's eating the right things.  Most of all it's getting into the habit of eating differently because what you've been eating hasn't worked.

You can get DVD's Yoga for weight loss or you can go to Youtube and use the yoga videos on there. Yoga is much less stressful than Pilates and you can do the yoga for beginners, you'll start to see the difference as you firm up.

The best thing a doctor ever said to me when I was moaning about wishing I could lose weight, he just said "well you can".  So set your mind to it and you can lose weight, if you fall off the wagon then just resolve to do better the next day.

You can do it!

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The way to lose weight is to consume less calories than you need so that your body takes energy from its fast stores. When you exercise more, you need more energy. Try installing an app to track your food intake and exercise.

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Probably a good idea to consult your doctor about what types of exercise and diet is best for you.  We don't know your health concerns or limitations.

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I lost weight by firstly cutting my intake of food. And increasing my mobility.  Instead of a bus I would walk or bike. Instead of the elevator I would take the stairs. Also I limited my intake of "soda" / "pop", ber etc.

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ly fen chen answered

To loss weigh, you need to eat the healthy food and do the exercises, and the main  to maintain a good health is to keep exercising every day or 3 times a week during a month, then you can find out the result. Further more, to have the fruits and vegetables are important as well.

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I lost forty pounds from my belly by not eating gluten and stopped drinking soda pop.

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I Exercise 6 days a week.

Monday - 20-25 minutes of Cardio, then an hour and a half targeting the Back area and Biceps  light abdomen

Tuesday - 20-25 minutes of Cardio, Then an hour and a half targeting the Chest and Triceps with light abdomen

Wednesday - 30-35 minutes of Cardio, Then heavy abdomen

Thursday - 20-25 minutes of Cardio, Then an hour maybe more targeting the Legs with light abdomen

Friday - 20-25 minutes of Cardio, Then an hour maybe more targeting the Shoulders with light abdomen

Saturday - Hike for about 3-4 miles (Cardio)

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Go wheat free. No pasta, pizza, bread and so on. And no food
after 7 p.m. People achieve marvellous results with it. Depending on
your initial weight, you can drop upwards from 20 pounds a month.
If you exercise for 2 hrs each day, you should probably loose a couple pounds each week (probably 3-6 pounds depending what type of exercise you do. If you weigh around 200 pounds, I suggest try to eat as less as you can. Eat a good breakfast and try to skip lunch. If you get hungry by not eating lunch, just eat some fruit, you will get used to it. That is pretty much what I do.If you wants to calculate your weight on daily basis you can use this Weight Loss Calculator,it shows the appropriate results.

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If you want to lose weight the best way to do that without hard work and suffering is to play yoga. Yoga has many benefits for the body and mental health. Yoga is well known to boost your metabolism and increase testosterone levels which can help reduce fatigue and lose weight. Check out this blog to see for yourself and 

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