When You Become Pregnant, Do The Top Part Of Your Stomach Swell And Gets Hard And Do You Have Uncontrollable Gas? This Has Happened To Me Because I Have Missed A Period Also And I Want To Know.


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I am pregnant now with my 4th and after 2 or 3 mths, yes the top part of my stomach has gotten hard with lots of gas but that's usually after I have been pregnant for a few weeks. Although with this baby, before I was even late I started belching (little burps--nothing anyone else knew about) before I even took the pregnancy test and was late. I would say, yes, it can be a sign.
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Your symptoms can be a sign, but there are much more telltale signs like frequent urination, sore and swollen breasts, being nauseous. If it persists, consult your physician.
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Do you also feel really tired? Nauseous? Do you pee a lot? These are what I felt when I missed my period and was definitely pregnant. Stomach swelling & gas could be a sign of something else. You can miss your period too if you have certain gynecological issues! See a physician ASAP!
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I have gas, low abdominal cramps, and my period has not yet came on. I took 4 pregnancy test and prayed over them all negative. I think I am pg. What do you think?

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