Do Soya And Tofu Contain Hormones That Can Help With The Menopause?


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There are many women who say they have had menopause symptoms greatly reduced when they eat soy products like tofu, or take nutritional supplements that contain soy. The most current medical research indicates that soy can reduce or eliminate hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, mood irritability and anxiety - all these are menopause symptoms.

A soy supplement combined with black cohosh root appears to help a lot of women who are having troublesome menopause symptoms. Soy doesn't contain actual hormones; but it does contain a substance that acts very much like plant-based estrogen.

Menopausal women today are very much aware of the medical debate about hormone replacement therapy; does it, or does it not increase a woman's chance to develop breast cancer? Since the researchers cannot seem to make up their minds about this issue, many women prefer to use soy and black cohosh root instead of estrogen replacement therapy medicines. This is an issue you should discuss with your physican or gynecologist.

Taking soy and black cohosh won't hurt you; only using it will tell if it helps you. See what your doctor has to say.

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