Did Menopause Make You Feel You Were Going Crazy? Will The Anxiety And Depression Ever Go Away.


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Oh my God, when I read your question, I almost started crying because I feel the EXACT same way!!!  I am paranoid to leave my house a lot as well other than for work and grocery shopping because I always feel like something bad is going to happen.  I feel as though I'm going to have a heart attack or stroke and to make matters worse, physical symptoms that I start to have make me believe it's happening!  Blood pressure has never, ever been abnormal now it's starting to get high!  I am an absolute mess!  My anxiety can get so bad somedays that I will literally be shaking!  Please know that there are others out here going through the same thing and you are not alone.  Not sure if this will pass, but certainly hope so because it is so difficult to live this way.
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This nightmare just started on July 4, 2010 when I had my first hot flash which I thought was a cardiac arrest it was so strong.  I already have an anxiety disorder for which I take xanax.  I almost passed out from fright during this hot flash which actually felt like I had been hit by a train. I started crying and yelling for my husband.  I thought I was going to die.  My panic attacks have been under control for years due to my medication which I used sparingly.  This is a whole new ballgame, hot flashes, anxiety and panic attacks, dizziness, nausea, feeling like I'm walking on a boat or a pier or a moonwalk ride. 

It totally s*cks.
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First of all you should make an appointment with your doctor. He/she may want to put you on a mild hormone to help with these feelings of anxiety. You also may have mild depression. Make a list of all your symptoms and talk with your doctor right away. And, sometimes a support group helps because you find others with similar problems. Good luck.
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yes, menopause, I call it mental pause, can make you feel like you are losing it. I went to the hospital, thinking I was having a heart attack, my heart was arythmic temporarily, because of an estrogen 'rush'. Everything is better now and I don't miss those monthly blues! I am more Happy and content than I have ever been.
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Yes I felt  and feel this way when will it end

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