If My Due Date Is November 11th. I Had Intercourse On January 28th And I Also Had Intercourse On Feb. 9th And 14th. What Day Did I Get Pregnant?


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Well I am in the same situation.I had sex jan 30 and also feb ultra sound showed that I have my baby nov 15th. I had to get pregnant jan 30th or the day after valentines day because I only had sex those two days other than the beginning of I am very confused too..
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If you have 28 days cycle and ovulated at the mid of the last menstrual period then according to your date of delivery, your possible date of conception can be 18th February, 2009. So, sex on 14th February can be held responsible for your pregnancy because sperms can live alive for 5-7 days in female body after ejaculation during sex.
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Yea, I agree with Ellie82. You definitely conceived from intercourse which took place in February.

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