Why Do My Fingers Feel Tight?


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There could be many reasons why your fingers are tight. If you wake up and they feel tight then you may be clenching your fists when you sleep which can build up tension in the muscles. Another reason could be that you don't take in enough fluid as dehydration can cause tightness in the fingers. Another reason you're fingers could feel tight is due to a trapped nerve. However, there are many other things that tight fingers could mean and as I am not a health professional the best advice would be to seek advice from your doctor or gp as it may be a symptom of an underlying condition, or they may be able to give you something to alleviate the tightness such as a muscle relaxer or other treatments.

  • If in doubt...
Whenever you are worried about a symptom you are getting or an illness then the best thing to do is to get it checked out because although you can find some answers online they do not know you and also they aren't able to give you an examination online, so although the tight fingers may be dehydration or a trapped nerve for one person, it doesn't mean that is what you have.
So, always seek advice from a doctor or health professional, especially if it gets worse or you are particularly worried about your condition.
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It could be that you are retaining water, or salt, when I take in too much salt, I puff up like a helium balloon. Try going for a walk and see if you can't get some of that out of you. Hope this helps, good luck to you. If this doesn't work, then I suggest you go and see your doctor about this.
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For about the last month my fingers fell like I am retaining water but there is no swelling and they tingle  and one finger locks  and with pressure pops back in place. Help

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