I Am 28 Weeks Pregnant (ill Be 29 Tomorrow) I Have Had Diarrhea For 3 Days Now And Low Back Pains And Period Pains For A While! Should I Be Concerned?


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You need to go to the doctor cause by you having low back pains that sounds like you might be going into pre-term labor and the period pains sounds like contractions. I experienced pre-term labor and I had the same problem but instead of diarrhea I was just throwing up!!! But you definitely need to go to the doctor.
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I am 28 weeks and 3 days pregnant, and if I was you I will phone the midwife or I will go to see the gp as this symptoms could lead you to preterm labour.
Go and check with your health provider , it could be something serious.
Good luck.
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Um yea I think you should have you went to the doctor?
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Make sure you are drinking enough fluids, and call the dr and see what the nurse says.  You never know if its more than a flu bug

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