How Much Cocaine Is 300ng/ml?


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300ng/ml is a very small amount of cocaine; you are going to find that it is not as much as you are thinking at all. This amount doesn't even equate to the same size as a line and therefore you are going to have a lot less than you imagine. If you are going to be trying the substance for the first time it is going to be a good idea that you only have a small amount such as this so you are going to feel the effects but you are not going to be as affected as you could be

Cocaine and other drugs are very dangerous no matter how much you use them, and they are in your system for a few days no matter what. There are also many different side effects to the drug such as:

· Fever
· Chest pain
· Shortness of breath

You are not going to be healthy if you take too much of the drug too often and this is why you should always be aware of the different amounts and how they can affect you. If you are aware of all of the different side effects and if this is not bothering you then you can use the drug, but cocaine is not to be taken lightly and therefore you should ensure that you know as much as possible before you begin to take the drug.

You can also find out about the different prices of things when you search online and you can see everything that you need to know about the drug and what it is going to do to do. The measurements are easy to understand and you can get all of the help that you need on a medical site which has done effective research.

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